We were at the store the other day, and our conversation turned to this:

Me: Oh, perfect! I love these jeans!
Kyle: How much are they?
Me: Just as much as all my other ones.
Kyle: Can't you go to Meijer and get a pair for $10.00?
Me: Hunny, the jeans you are wearing are $100.00.
Kyle: NO! They are NOT!
Me: How do you know? You didn't buy them.
Kyle: Well that's just stupid. I could go to Kmart and get a pair for $10.00.
Me: But baby, you're ghetto booty makes it hard to find pants for you - only certain brands will fit. Same with me!
Kyle: Unreal. I'll never understand girls.

30 minutes later we find ourselves in Cabela's...

Kyle: I just want to look at the fishing gear. I need a new one!
Kyle: Yes, for river fishing...oh, and a reel too.
Me: I've never met someone with more fishing rods than you have. I think need is the wrong word here.
Kyle: Did you need new jeans?! ...Oh yes! This one is PERFECT!!
Me: How much is it?!
Kyle: It's really inexpensive, and look at this reel. I absolutely need this.
Me: Can't you go to Meijer and get one for $10.00?!
Kyle: Not an option.
Me: Unreal. I'll never understand boys.

Marriage in a nutshell.

I find I have a soft spot in my heart for conversations like this.
The end result is each of us looking at the other with the  "crap, I know I'm wrong but I'm reallyyyy going to try to convince the other person of how "important" this is." Then comes the tilted smile, the drooping of the head and shoulders and the somber reply of "dang it, I know, I know. You're right."

It's our way, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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