I currently owe you a few posts that I've promised, but that won't come until next week. I may be delaying because things have been so crazy lately, I'm not sure how to put it all down without sounding, humm.. crazy.

Moving on, it is Friday and I personally think that this day always deserves posts that require little mind activity.
At first, my idea was to share with you a small folder on my desktop that's named "reno." This came out of the assumption that we'll have a home that needs some work. Each time I come across a picture online (ahem, Pinterest), I tuck it away in this little folder, hoping it will draw some inspiration when the time comes.
However, for each gorgeous kitchen I come across and 'pin' onto my desktop, I come across one that makes me scratch my head in confusion. Let's be honest, those are more fun to share.

Let me introduce you to what will NOT be in our home:

Goodness, no. no.

This just hurts.

Unless this is is the size of a dollhouse for a 3 year old, this is not okay.

Yellow may be one of my favorite accent colors, but this gives it a bad name.

My head hurts from looking at these.
Maybe I'm just a plain jane, but this is definitely more my style (I'll share those next week:) :

It's normal to have your kitchen open to a pool, right?
Thought so.

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