I shared a few weeks ago about my collection of images that I have tucked away for when we finally get a house. However, I can't help but continue on this theme of crazy  different ideas.

I stumbled upon one photo, which led to another, and a half hour later I was still consumed in imagery of some very different homes- my mind just swarms with questions!! Where is the bathroom? How do you get in? How much did it cost to make it look like a fish? Was the owner trying to make a childhood dream come to life? I'm all for being unique, but these houses have a curb appeal all their own.

Now, I don't prefer the basic '50s ranch on the street. But, I get a bit weary when I'm not sure if my house will properly stand up if I walk to one side. It could, however, be a fun game for guests!

What happens when it rains?!

This must be very child's dream playhouse, but I'm not convinced that I could live with the squirrels and birds.

Does this look like a melting marshmallow to anyone else?

Okay, this may be crazy, but I not-so-secretly love this. I can just imagine the views this place gets. It may make it worth living in a spaceship.

Sometimes there are simply no words. Just extremely gracious husbands or a single woman.

My question is, why don't they have these in Ann Arbor? The Midwest needs to step it up a notch. Enough with the basic colonial, I'd like a seashell for goodness sakes!

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