Have you ever walked through a park or public place and seen people doing yoga? I always wanted to be one of those people.
Well this morning, my dream came true... sort of.

A few girlfriends and I met at the Lululemon boutique to try out their yoga class. I'm not a 'yogi', by any stretch of the imagination. However, I recently succumbed to peer pressure and bought a Groupon for hot yoga, 10 sessions of it!! I know, what was I thinking. To get prepared, I figured a regular session couldn't hurt.
To our dismay, the instructor ended up canceling the class this morning. Thankfully, none of us have a problem with looking silly for a good workout, so we plopped ourselves on the green grass of the UM Diag and got to work. I'm completely in love with working out outside now, there is something quite peaceful about looking up at the sunlight and trees while your legs are shaking profusely and your abs are on fire.

The closest thing we did to yoga was stretching, and maybe a plank. Does plank count?! My burning thighs are proof that the Nike Training Club app holds the potential to KICK. MY. BUTT.

A man who works for the Alumni Association happened to take a few pictures and sent them to me, Thanks Mr. Foreman.
Can you also make sure these don't end up on the UM homepage anytime soon? Thanks.

We looked legit. Toe touches and all.

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