If my life were a disney movie, it'd look a little something like this:

I'd live in a castle that closely resembled this:

I would frolic through our property, over the bridge and through the woods.

When I didn't feel like frolicking, I'd drive my teal truck.

Every evening, I'd look outside and see this,

while waking up to this view each morning:

I could (and would) eat this German Chocolate Cake daily and never gain weight,

And I wouldn't need to worry about making complicated dishes, because they'd just magically appear at the table

My prince could fish in the river while he was watching TV

And I'd wake up with this hair each and every morning

Pretty simple, right? Just a normal disney life. I'm not asking for much here.

But for the here and now, it's safe to say that the BEST ending to my disney movie would be to teleport me to Texas this weekend. I'm not sure my teal truck could get me there on time.


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