I posted a recent session on the photography blog today, so I thought I'd give a little insight into the session over here.
A friend contacted me to do some pictures of her children with a few ideas in mind to make it sentimental for her husband's 30th birthday. Using Pinterest for some inspiration, she wanted some pictures of her children that were specific messages to her husband. I knew it'd turn out amazing when she showed up to the park with a bag of props! I, however, can't take too much credit...these children are as adorable as can be!!

1) "We Love You" Letters.  We did the "We" with all four of them, and then had the children "hold" each individual letter. Simon is only 3 months, but his feet were perfect for holding the "U."

I love how their individual personalities came out when I asked them to "hold the letter for daddy!"
Those sweet expressions made the final product that much more heartfelt.


Simon even enjoyed it:

2) Daddy's Shoes 

3) Daddy's dress shirts + ties
This one caused a bit of this:

But those sweet little curls made a back picture work just as well: 

Let's just take a second to look at how cute this is:

4) Hands & Feet
We had to get a little creative to make the letters work, but in the end it formed this:


The matting couldn't be finished prior to Jeff's birthday party, but Ashley came up with another unique way to display them, twine + clothes pins:

I'll share the finished product (matting and framing display), when it is done.


  1. Seriously love them! Thanks for being so patient with us...Controlling 3 @ once is no easy task and you captured some great memories for us. Jeff loved them (along with everyone who came to his party). Great job Meredith and thanks again.. I'll send you the picture of the finished product for his office. P.S The pic of Simon in the State outfit is too cute however it would be a lot better if I was allowed to put him in Michigan gear haha

  2. Beautiful photographs... only wish I lived up North! Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays Blog Hop:-)

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