I arrived home from the girl's vacation and had enough time to get an oil change, go for a run, wash some clothes, and eat. Then, we packed up again and headed back up north.

Since we've lived in Virginia, my sis has been in NYC and my brother in Michigan, it's far and few between that we are all in one place at one time; typically once a year during a holiday. It just so happened that everyone had the weekend off, and my sister was in town. 
We all met at the cabin and enjoyed being completely separated from busy lives. We lounged around, ran the trails, had card tournaments, rode the 4-wheelers, and ate way too much. 

We also took a day trip back to Traverse City to see my dad and Cari. Of course, the boys went fishing, so us girls ventured downtown to load up on cupcakes, taste test too many cherry products and overeat at the cheese store.
Why is it that I always overeat every time we go up north?! It's just so cozy and relaxing that somehow I think the calories must not add up.

But mostly, we all just played with Hannah...

She helped cheer us on during our Sink The Battleship games. Essentially, sink the bottle in the lake by shooting it. This kept us busy for hours, and proved that I need more practice.

Hannah is going to take her first step any day now, so I had my camera close by all weekend long.

"Hi guys! I almost got it!"

As we tried to show her how to walk, Hannah felt she needed to show us how to model:

If only everyday we could wake up with this view:

Whew...all the driving is over, with only sweet memories to pack away.

Back to reality!

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