You know those days when you feel so gobbled up in love that you can't help but smile and be thankful? When everything else seems to fall by the wayside because you're reminded of those continual blessings in life that we so often take for granted? That warm sensation that surrounds your heart in those rare moments when you have perspective?
Last week was my birthday, and it felt just like that.

We had a girls night, date night, family night, lake day, and a peaceful bike ride on a Sunday evening to top if off. I know, things got crazzzyyyy. My hour of tears on my birthday is evidence that I thought I was getting really old, so it only made since to reinforce that by going on a slow, relaxing bike ride with the husband. The only thing I was missing was my basket and horn (I asked for that for next's years gift).

Back in April when someone would ask if I was excited to move to Ann Arbor, I'd of course say "Yes!", but my first response was how much we'd miss our friends in C'ville.
But God already had a plan...

Kyle and I went to Palios, the restaurant where we had our first date. We even parked in the same spot...hey, at least my memory has yet to lapse with my older age.

This may be the first time since our wedding that all our families were together. It was so incredibly fun (even though we missed you, Cari & Jessica!).

I'm not sure how but Kelly & Tyler were not even in this picture, yet the horse's booty was.

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