I'd classify last weekend as one of those ideal summer weekends. Water, family, friends, food, and adventure.
We headed up to Kyle's parents house for one last summer horrah! on the lake.

Since Kyle is on one of his easiest rotations for the next two years, we are trying to make the absolute most of it while we can. (we have one more week :)!

Us girls indulged in our favorite Herman Boys pecan rolls in the early morning, took in all of the freshness from the farmer's market, "ran errands" (aka went shopping), and spend the afternoon on the lake.

Then we had visitors join us :)

They flew in on this:

Okay, that is not true at all. But it would have been pretty cool.

The next morning, the boys woke up at 3:45 am to go salmon fishing, so we enjoyed the lake some more :)

And I did something I haven't done since I was 7:

It only took 25 (!!!) times, and swallowing at least 5 gallons of water, but I did it. My arms are still in pain. It was so much harder than I expected, but I had some great cheerleaders in the boat who kept telling me to try again. At some point (probably around attempt 10), I was so frustrated I was determined to do it!
Once I finally got up and started to ski, I wouldn't let go....so we went around the lake again.

Thanks for being a great teacher, Kel!

And a great cheerleader, Anna!

After 'conquering' water skiing, I felt invincible and tried archery.

Maybe it was a lucky second try, but Kyle was still a proud husband ;)

We all looked like this by Sunday night.

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