When we opened the envelope on Match Day, my heart was beating a mile a minute. My eyes quickly scrolled down the beige colored letter, looking for the words that would reveal where our next home would be. It seemed like that split second lasted 10 minutes. When I stopped on "UM Hospital System- Ann Arbor," tears immediately started to flow. My slobbery mess had little do with actual surprise (even though we were!!), it was more an issue with my heart.
Right there, in black and white, we had seen our prayers come to fruition. A fulfillment of the desire of our hearts; a desire that proved to be much stronger than we even realized. I think about that day and my mind takes my heart to the Lord.

This year has been one of a lot of heartache and celebrations. It's truly been a test of my faith. I've struggled to handle the loss of a loved one, leaving our first home and a town we adore, and now living in the middle of transition. The everyday questions of what is next, what tomorrow will bring, or how to have a healthy marriage during residency. So easily fear can consume your heart. But then...

As I sat at my mother's dining room table on the fourth of July, those same tears came to my eyes. I was holding my niece as she was crying for more milk, Maizy was running around with my step niece & nephew, fireworks going off in the background and my step siblings hanging out on the deck. My deep breath revealed that I was reminded of Match Day; of God's faithfulness. Something about a crazy household on a holiday warmed my heart to the point of pushing my internal feelings outward.
The pure joy of being able to be present. The pure joy of knowing a God who provides for our needs, our Godly desires.
The past six months have not been the easiest, but I could never say that God wasn't present. I can always say he has been faithful. Always. Praise God for those small reminders that we are not called to a life of fear, worry and concern. But quite the opposite.

And just because I can't get enough of this one...


  1. Meredith, This is such a great post. I can understand how you feel to a certain extent and I'm so glad you can see God in all this craziness.

  2. love the pictures. love you.


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