Sorry, I'm not fueled with enough creative juice at the moment to come up with another name for this post.
So, now that we've gotten that out of the way..

This past weekend was Kyle's "golden weekend," meaning he had two days off! However, he ended up having to go in all day on Saturday, boo. That's my new favorite word for describing how unfortunate life as a resident can be, creative, I know.

None-the-less, we deemed Saturday night "Date Night 2012!" and made sure we had a great time at our friend's wedding. Which wasn't hard to do, since we were surrounded by close friends, celebrating ones we love and dancing barefoot throughout the night! I even gave Kyle a huge kiss in the middle of the dance floor, just enough to make him blush.

These two kissed a few times too. Bre and Dan were over the moon excited and joyful! It was a blessing to see how God has blessed each of them with the other. They're truly grateful for the journey that brought them to Saturday.

Bre, you're stunning.

Then Sandstorm played, and things got wild.

Followed by, as requested, HAIL TO THE VICTORS!!

Michigan Crew :)

My sore calves the next morning were evidence that the dance floor saw a lot of action. No better way to heal a sore body than indulge in pancakes and coffee the next morning. We shouldn't have let the boys sit right next to one another, as by the end of breakfast we found ourselves at an early movie to see Batman.

A few hours later, we had some more visitors in town :)!

Christine, being an Ohio State fan, did very well in Ann Arbor. I think she secretly LOVED it. Especially since Chad introduced her to Zingerman's.
Please excuse the odd guys on the bench.

Another wonderful summer weekend to be thankful for!

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