Dear Summer,
Have I told you lately that I love you?

Summer weekends are typically defined by being close to water and celebrating weddings. This weekend proved to be no different, making it a perfect welcome into a full-fledged Michigan summer! When Kyle texted on Friday that he had the weekend off, we took full advantage of it (as those will be few and far between).

First, we helped save Anna & Andy's backyard from a forest fire.

Things get wild up here in the Midwest.

The next morning, we headed out to the water. Kyle has managed to find someone who loves fishing just as much as him (a difficult feat!), so there was no stopping them when they both happened to have the day off. Bright and early, we all headed out in the fishing boat to the chain of lakes. 

The boys couldn't have been happier to be fishing all morning, while Anna and I soaked in the sun, read up on Rachel Ray's best summer recipes and planned our next vacation = the perfect compromise.
We also helped pass the worms occasionally, so one could argue we did participate in fishing.

By the time we got off the lake, I had 32.5 minutes to get ready to celebrate Ashley and Pawel's wedding that evening.

Ashley and I met my senior year of college and little has changed. She still has her outgoing, generous and hilarious personality - Pawel just makes that gorgeous smile even bigger.

Must have awkward picture, CHECK. Complete with evidence that my sun screen did not last long on the water.

The picture below was taken five years ago, right before I left for Africa. Amazing how much has happened and what different paths we've each taken since then. 

Only to reunite again in Ann Arbor. Goodness, I love this town. 

If only every weekend involved surviving the heat on the water, soaking in sunshine, friends, celebrations and bonfires!
Thankfully it's only July, so we have many more of these weekends to be had. I'm off to invest in better sunscreen. 

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