Ever watched Anderson Cooper? I happen to love him, and the news. Particularly, the RidicuList.
Since it's Friday and we are all in need of some humor to get us through the day, I put together my own list based on our house hunting experiences.

I haven't written much about our house hunting saga, except for the fact that it has been incredibly frustrating and discouraging. Believe it or not, there has also been a good side to it, but I'll share more about that another day. As of now, we are still looking for a home (feels like a part-time job!) and praying that something amazing knocks our socks off...soon! very, very soon!

In the mean time, I hope our recent experiences put a smile on your face.

House Hunting: The 'RidicuList'

1) Seller should not assume their toilet flushed completely

2) Seller should not leave dead mice in basement

3) If seller has a hoarding issue, they should not put the home up for sale until it is appropriately dealt with

5) I promise you that pepto-bismol pink is not a flattering basement color, or any room for that matter

6) Owner should not leave undergarments on the clothes line

7) Seller should be aware that having a terrorist for a dog will not only ward off neighbors but also potential buyers

8) Come to think of it, just take the animals (and yourself!) out of the home entirely

8) Seeing duct tape is never a good sign

9) However you choose to do your business, is your business. But let's not make it so obvious.

 10) When a real estate agent tells you that neutral colors help sell a home, it's for a reason.

13) When your elder parents come to visit, it's best if you remind them to CLOSE THE DOOR when using the bathroom when there are visitors. Yes, that was incredibly awkward.

Most photo credit goes to Julia @ hookedonhouses.net. Every once in a while she writes a post about bad mls photos. It's truly amazing - on so many levels. I thought using existing photos was more appropriate than trying to photograph a man sitting on the coach petting his multiple pets. Dontcha think?

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