It's pretty typical to have a conversation in our home that goes a little something like this:
"That made complete sense to me."
"Of course it did, honey."
"I'm still confused that you can't read my mind"
"I just need to understand how your mind got to that place"
{insert an ongoing sentence of one thing reminding me of another reminding me of another reminding me of another...}

Since I've been spending a lot of my time with Maizy, who, bless her heart, is still unable to talk back to me, I have a lot of one-sided conversations. The only positive side being that I don't have someone questioning my thought process, she just nods and smiles. Now, I have this sweet little blog to write on, and although the keys don't type back, at least I feel as if I'm talking to more than my pup. 

Enter: random thoughts for the day.

I'd love to try spinning classes.
My homemade popsicles rock my world.
Is it weird that I'm loving meal planning? All I need is my apron, but it's somewhere in storage.
Creating customized packaging for my photography clients has been ridiculously fun! I can't wait to show you the finished products.
I need to discover a cheap[er] nail salon as my poor feet are feeling the need to be pampered.
Singing in my car should embarrass me much more than it does.
I, not so secretly, feel extremely powerful when driving my husband's F250 and I may or may not use it as an intimidation factor when people go BELOW the speed limit.
Whole30 is going on pause until we settle, considering going out to eat every other night makes it impossible to follow. Talk about bad timing.
Hannah is getting so big. Next she will be graduating high school and I'm just not ready for that.
I have an obsession with letterpress and paper products that is probably unhealthy.
Sometimes I forget that I don't live in Virginia anymore, which has caused more than one awkward situation.
Zingerman's $1 coffee on Monday mornings is my definition of starting the week right.
I never thought I'd say that I am thankful that it is only 90 degrees outside.
Maizy is now trying to hide from me because she says I talk too much.

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