This past week has been all about visitors and celebrations. Doesn't get much better than that, eh? Life just felt so full of JOY.
And that statement should tell you that you're about to be overloaded with photos!
My mother-in-law and sister-in-law, mom and stepdad, dad, brother, sister and niece all came into town this week. Oh yah, and I traveled to a wedding. There was also an owl, wasps and a drugged dog involved.

Let's start from the beginning. Last week was the famous Ann Arbor Art Fair. (It rained the first morning, but we took advantage of the thinned out crowds!)

For two days in a row, I walked around for over five hours...visiting artists, admiring art, gaining appreciation for jewelry makers and drooling (literally) over my new favorite international humanitarian photographer (my dream job, FYI).
I'm sad to say I have very few pictures from Linda & Kelly's visit, as well as my mom & stepdad's. We were too busy shopping and googling at $5,000 art pieces.

Saturday morning, I headed to Grand Rapids with Maizy to celebrate a wedding. No, she wasn't my date, she stayed with Great Grandma GG. Kyle was on nights this weekend, so I tagged along with his whole family. I missed dancing with him, but Kelly & I had a blast dancing barefoot all night.

Thanks Mrs.Stephens for taking some great pictures of the night!! (My battery went dead!)

I love this picture of Kelly & I :)


Katie and Sean were adorable as ever, and I'm so thankful I could come to celebrate with them!!

That night we also made a new friend: Otis the Owl
The poor thing had a hurt wing and was hiding in the plants at the VK's home. Kelly ended up taking him all the way to Muskegon on Sunday to save his life.

Sticking with me? Okay!
Sunday I headed back home, snuggled with Kyle for five minutes, attempted to baby-proof the apartment, and then greeted my family who came for the night!

It's so nice that we are just a hop, skip and a jump away from most of our loved ones!
We proceeded to introduce Hannah to her future alma mater,

(don't worry, the pavement wasn't hot!)

She was so excited that she then picked out a sweatshirt for football season. I approved.

Since she held the sweatshirt so well, I taught her how to use a camera and take a picture of her favorite aunt, uncle and cous'

Then we all looked like this after stuffing our bellies with none other than Zingerman's.

(PS. her shirt does say "I love my Auntie.")

I'm back to editing photos, house hunting and attempting to make a dent in the laundry pile.

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