I've learned a lot in the past seven days.
First, I'm a grazer.
Second, my sugar snap pea obsession is no longer.
Third, I'm positive I could make LaraBars at home and not pay $1.50 per bar at the local market
Fourth, I can only complete 30 days if I lock myself INSIDE OUR HOME.
Fifth, I'm loving the possibilities of coconut oil.
Six, after looking at our grocery bill from the organic market, I rushed home and dug out my gardening gloves. I have now learned why people prefer picking weeds over convenience.
Seven, I could get used to this fresh smoothie business each morning.
Eight, the blender is the best invention.EVER.

7 days ago I began the Whole30 program. The first few days were great, and I was really enjoying concocting new recipes. I had been home the majority of the time, so it was fairly easy to stick to the plan.
Then it all came crashing down. Dinner with friends, work functions, etc etc...I suppose I should have looked at our calendar prior to beginning this, because this week was not the week to begin an extreme easting plan. First the open bars with my favorite wine staring me in the face, then a buffet of desserts lurking around the corner. I stood my ground the first time. Then the next event rolled around and in order to not embarrass Kyle in front of all of his new coworkers (aka some of the nations leading surgeons), I ate the sit down dinner without one complaint - creamy chicken and all.

At first I was bummed and felt pretty trapped. But that didn't last long. While I was at it, I enjoyed a delicious glass of Pinot and even had a tablespoon of milk in my coffee with CHOCOLATE CAKE.

I've read that the key to successfully completing the program is to learn to eat in every situation.
I realized that even though I adjusted my salad order sans cheese and dressing, the food is most likely from Sysco and contains A LOT of preservatives. (refer to lesson learned #4). You cannot avoid it or control it, unless you go out to eat at an all-organic, local ingredients restaurant. We are in Ann Arbor after all, so such a restaurant shouldn't be hard to track down.

Today, the second week begins (well, I'm restarting the cycle. So today is the first day, AGAIN). I suppose I consider last week just a test drive. I learned quickly that I must give myself grace, and for me, that may be a greater lesson than the discipline.

I'll be back later this week with the nitty gritty of the food I've been (will continue) eating! Recipes and all :)

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  1. Did you ever find any good places to eat in Ann Arbor? I'm doing the Whole30 now and I'm meeting a friend next week for dinner in Ann Arbor. Would love a good restaurant suggestion!


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