For about three months, I've been contemplating doing the Whole30s food program. It came up once I realized that for two weeks straight, I had some sort of sugary goodness -
I have always been a sweet tooth, it's like my hands are magnetized towards anything that has sugar in it. Can you relate? I can't be the only one!

The program was created to serve a few purposes, one being to help your mental and emotional relationship with food. Sounds crazy, right? But, it's true. If I was really honest with myself, I have a pretty unhealthy relationship with food. Eating is my default when I am bored, stressed, tired, happy, sad, watching a movie, on a road trip, and the list continues. It's my comfort and distractor.

The reason I am starting it isn't to eat less, but to learn how to eat, when to eat and enjoy REAL food. The hope is that it will help me learn how to cook with raw ingredients and explore different food groups that I otherwise wouldn't had ventured into. Overall, my main goal is to train myself to make healthier eating decisions when I'm actually hungry rather than when I just want food. Detoxing your body from sugars and preservatives may be a difficult task, but I think the end reward is well worth the "I want to bang my head against the wall" effects.  After doing  a ton of research on the program (I'm usually quite skeptical of everything up this alley), the majority of people claimed that it changed their lives. I now sound like an infomercial, but I promise I'm not endorsing the program (especially since I haven't done it yet!)

So, for the next 30 days, there will be none of these:

So, today is the BIG day. I spent Saturday afternoon shopping with a ridiculously detailed grocery list, and Sunday evening preparing some meals in advance. I also separated the cupboards - one that holds all the foods I can eat, and one that holds all the foods that I can't. You can imagine I got made fun of for this, but I  know myself well enough that if I get desperate during my lack-of-sugar-induced headaches, anything is fair game. 

What can I eat?!
After a few hours of research, I've found some pretty great recipes and I'm looking forward to experimenting with them. I do, however, think I will be pretty sick of coconut products by the time this is over. It seems to the reoccurring ingredient for cooking and baking. I've also read that coconut oil is amazing for hair, so if I don't use the whole bottle, at least I'll have another option :)

I'm off to taste test my sweet potato casserole. I'll be sure to document this whole process, but I may "sound"irritable this week. Give me a break, a body does some strange things when it is detoxing from MSGs, sugars and all of the other crap stuff that is in our food :)

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