Last weekend, we headed down to Cincinnati, and although the drive is awfully boring (it is Ohio, after all ;), it was so worth it!
Griffin and Stephanie and Ben and Lynn all live in Cinci, so what better reason to take a two day trip? 

Friday evening we had a girls night, as the boys had a date with a movie we had no interest in seeing. But Saturday called for all couples activities. 
We may have almost sweat to death, but playing sand volleyball for two hours was a perfect start to the day. After which, we made our way downtown to watch the Tigers play the Reds. This weekend made it really feel like summer is upon us!

There's little that makes you feel more American than cheering on your favorite baseball team, eating a hot dog, and drinking a cold beer as the sun beats on your back. 

Now, we need to address this small issue you see below. Ben has an excuse to become a Reds fan. He's lived in Cinci since college graduation, and his wife is from there. Understandable.
Griffin, on the other he's just a trader to D-town.

My mom and Pat also happened to be in Cinci for the series - they may have had better seats than us...

Thankfully the Tigers managed to pull out a win the night we went, that way we could rub it in our "From Michigan but are now Reds Fans" faces ;)

 We love only being a few hours from ya'll! (so worth the boring drive through Ohio ;)

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