Kyle likes to poke fun at me about being a "doctors wife." He knows that the term has always made me a bit uncomfortable, mostly because of the 'high-maintence, easy-life' stereotype attached to it. Let me correct myself, I should say that the idea of fulfilling the stereotype is what makes me cringe.

But oh, when life comes to bite you in the bum.

Since we've moved to Michigan, my days have been spent working out, job hunting, house hunting, finding places to volunteer, taking Maizy to the dog park, ironing shirts, preparing dinner, shopping, meeting friends, watching the Today Show, doing photography shoots, visiting family and laying by the pool.

Just when I had convinced myself that I wasn't really being a stay-at-home wife, I was smacked in the face with reality. A few days ago, a few of the other wives and myself set out to kayak the Huron in hopes of spending some quality time together. As we talked about being the sugar mamas throughout med school, we put our paddles up, let the sun soak our skin, and toasted as we waved to our hubbies hard at work in the hospital.

Stereotype fulfilled.

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  1. This is so funny! Thanks for linking up at Medical Monday Bloghop today!


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