Sunday was Kyle's last whole day as a free man. This past weeks orientation sucked up a good twelve hours a day, but the gruesome part of residency begins tomorrow. (I'm becoming quite nervous at the reality that is about to hit us, but more on that later).

One church service, brunch and a wonderful nap later, we headed out to find some new stomping grounds for Maizy to play! Kyle had the urge to go hiking, but the mountainous terrain is no where in sight up here in the Midwest, so we scoured local park websites and discovered some alternative options.

We rated stop 1 a six out of ten and decided to go about our typical Sunday activity: driving around and looking at houses and neighborhoods.
In our search, we stumbled upon a great little hideout. Complete with blackberries and deer.

Maiz ran wild until she collapsed from heat exhaustion.
We took that as our sign to take the pup home and go find a new favorite Thai restaurant.

Then we passed a Diary Queen on the way home. Hello soft serve.

Those simple days when deciding a restaurant or a park is our most difficult decision. They bring the simplicity back to life.

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