It's been 95 degrees here for the past two days, putting a bit of a damper on plans to play outside all day long. So, I decided to make myself "useful" and make my "to-do" list for summer. Clearly that is a nagging priority in our lives ;)

For the past four years, we've enjoyed summer in Virginia, and although it was blistering hot, it was still a blast. There may not be mountains to hike or an ocean nearby, but I'd still hold that the summers in Michigan are quite wonderful. I plan to make up for lost time with my hefty list, most of which consist of being Up North {refer to map}

1) Fishing with my dad in Traverse City
2) Tour of Lakes on the pontoon
3) Biking around Mackinaw Island
3.5) Eating homemade taffy on the porch at the Grand Hotel
4) Wine tasting in Leland
5) Camping at the sand dunes
6) Making homemade cherry pie with fruit from the side-of-the-road stands
7) Canoeing the Huron River in A2
7.5) Take advantage of Ann Arbor Top of the Park Festival
8) Golf 
9) Collect Petoskey stones along Lake Michigan
10) Watch the Howell Hot Air Balloon Competition
11) Go to numerous Tigers Games
12 ) and the list continues to about 50 fun activities....

51) Photograph it all!

But most importantly, spending time with this little one and learning to say no to the lip quiver. It's deadly.

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